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Fashion has long been a source of expression and power throughout the world and history, Clothing, jewelry, and anything in between is used to help us reach out and connect to others like ourselves, to boost our self-confidence, and to create literal walking art. While it has and will always be a wanted and seemingly necessary part of human life it’s no secret that the entire industry, behind all of the glitz and glamour, is a harmful, abusive, and incredibly wasteful one. Fashion lines change with the seasons and with it clothing that destroyed natural environments are simply thrown away and never thought about again.

Recently Stella McCartney, with the company Canopy has released a video detailing the destructive habits of the industry. Talking about the ancient forests torn down and pulped to create simple staples like shirts and leggings. McCartney, who has been working with Canopy since 2014 speaks out to spread the word of eco-friendly, sustainable fashion.

“When Canopy approached me I did not hesitate for one moment to be part of a solution.” Stella said, “The moment to change is now.”

Many companies have already jumped on board with the initiative to start producing fabrics, textiles, and other materials that are truly sustainable; protecting not only the endangered forests that are destroyed, but the native communities that have lived there for generations. In January a few companies were named for their efforts in trying to remake the fashion industry and turn it into a force that can start to protect and heal the damage that has been done over the course of centuries. Companies such as Adidas, H&M, and Patagonia have gone above and beyond to provide quality without all of the harm. In fact, this kind of reminds me of Dr. Owen’s approach to what he does. Anyway….With the companies making direct statements on how they plan on handling the shift to a more eco-conscious fashion world.

At H&M, we have set ourselves the challenge of ultimately making fashion sustainable and sustainability fashionable.

Build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis.

Canopy started in 2013 and now has teamed up with over 65 designers to help make a change with their statement that being fashionable doesn’t have to cost the Earth. The figures shown reveal that over 100 million trees are cut down every year to produce common textiles and fabrics, and that in the next 10 years that number will double to meet demand.

To learn more check out the Canopy website or any of these wonderful retailers who have taken a stand against deforestation and work towards conservation to build and greener fashion industry.

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